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There are a lot of problems when converting IFC to WexBIM?

I want to use your CreateWexBIM program to convert IFC data into WexBIM data, but there are a lot of errors, and the resulting exe file can not be used, can you help me solve it? Thank you! log4ne...

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create an ifc project using Xbim

Hello every body. escuse me for my bad english i am french speaking student. please can somebody explains me how i can create my once ifc project? I have downloaded on

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Intersect IfcWall vs IfcSpace

Hello guys I am working on script which would return wall areas touching an ifcSpace. In order to make it I would need an IfcWall - IfcSpace intersection. I could easily use IfcSpace with CreateS...

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** IMPORTANT ** Raise Issues in github site!

The Xbim team are no longer using codeplex having migrated to github. Please raise any issues over there as this site is now essentially un-monitored. Thanks Andy

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Inconsistent xbim files generated on different OS.

Hello Following is the code i am using to generate a xbim file. I have written it in temporarily in a console app. static void Main(string[] args) { string ifcFilename = args[0].ToS...

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Openings in IFCWall Element

Hi, In IfcWalls without Representation but an Opening and some IFCBuildingElementParts with Representation there is the Opening not calculated for the Buildingelementparts. kind regards CK

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"dll not found" error

Hi All, What is this error? Thanks, 1> Generating Code... 3>------ Build started: Project: Xbim.ModelGeometry.Converter, Configuration: Debug x64 ------ 3>C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0...

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OutputPath property Error

Hi Everyone, I downloaded the xBIM2.4.1 package. When I want to run the code. I got this error? What should I do? Thanks. 1>------ Build started: Project: XbimXplorer, Configuration: Debug Any C...

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Defect in XbimJSViewer sample.

Hi i was trying your jsviewer sample for xbim from release 2.4.1. And i found and fixed defect in it which breaks retrieve of materials step and it causes javascript errors as result and the whole ...

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Structural Analysis Issues

Hi, I have got two and a half issues when building up a small analysis model with xBIM: 1) When adding a relation to connect an object of IfcStructuralLinearAction with an object of IfcStructural...

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