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Intersect IfcWall vs IfcSpace


Hello guys

I am working on script which would return wall areas touching an ifcSpace. In order to make it I would need an IfcWall - IfcSpace intersection.

I could easily use IfcSpace with CreateSolid(IIfcExtrudedAreaSolid ifcSolid)
but the IfcWall remains problematic because the wall geometries are really complex (openings, changing heigt etc...)

Do you guys have an idea how to intersect IfcWall - IfcSpace with xBim?

Would XbimShell CreateShell(IIfcConnectedFaceSet shell); -> IXbimGeometryObjectSet Intersection(IXbimSolid toCut, double tolerance);
be an option?
Is there an example how to create IIfcConnectedFaceSet from IfcWall?

Thank you !


martinlou wrote Nov 15, 2016 at 3:09 PM